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The potential of Business Opportunities is largely influenced by The Business Environment created by local leadership which are important factors when buying or starting a business.

If you are interested in Selling a Business or Buying a Business then please complete the underlying form and a consultant will contact you shortly and advise how we can help you achieve your objectives. Alternatively scroll down or visit our Businesses for Sale Page to identify potential businesses for you.

  The platform will also provide an opportunity for businessman and business entity’s to make informed investment decisions when investigating their Smart City of choice. If you require information on the business environment or to investigate business opportunities for the purpose of expanding existing business footprint,  startup business investment, government incentives, business finance, business travel and tourism in the world’s top Smart Cities. 

Element’s for Top Smart Cities

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Business for Sale Portal Contact

Business for Sale Portal Contact

  If you are Selling or Buying a Business then you can refer to Sell a Business page and Businesses for Sale page. If you are simply looking to understand the Business Environment within each country then refer to the Reasons to Buy a Business page? Businesses for Sale Portal will also provide support services for all these functions on our Business Support Services page which include destination attractions, business environment and helping you sell or buy a business.

 Business Sellers, Business Buyers, Property Investors, international investors or local entrepreneurs and businesses can register for free, Simply fill in the contact form or send us an email to

Businesses for Sale Portal is an exciting and effective platform that accommodates all types of business sellers & buyers from various industries. This platform gives you the ability to manage the process on your own allowing you to interact with each other locally and internationally. Businesses for Sale Portal has an objective to educate, support and provide a marketing platform for the business seller, business buyer & business traveler.


Featured Listings

Location: Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
Asking Price: R4 to 5 mill

Nursery School for Sale
Nursery School for Sale...

Nursery School for Sale Nursery School for Sale in Gauteng Excellent and…

Turnover (Annual): R1.1 to 3 mill Cash Flow: R301 to 400K Stock: R25.1 to 100K

Location: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Asking Price: R6 to 7 mill

Nursery School for Sale i
Nursery School for Sale i...

Nursery School for Sale Nursery School for Sale in Pretoria This well…

Turnover (Annual): R3.1 to 5 mill Cash Flow: R1.1 to 1.5 million Stock:

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